It’s been a while since my last post. I can’t believe it is already september!  Some updates and happenings in the last few months… Emily and I both got jobs! this has been the biggest source of excitement, after not having steady work for a  little while we both are now employed (part-time, but its […]

Thanks again to everyone who came out with us two nights ago.  What a cool experience! Photo credits: Shalev Netanel Between dodging boats, enjoying the spectacular show put on by Marina Del Rey, and then some of our own thanks to Bill Pullen, we had a fun night celebrating our independence.

We have finally made it to Los Angeles. Well, actually, we made it in to LA about two weeks ago, but between getting the boat settled into a slip, catching up with old friends, and spending time with family it has been hard to find the time to post an update. Santa Cruz Island was […]

Santa Barbara is by far the biggest city we have visited since leaving San Francisco. After spending two weeks in the open-armed community of Morro Bay, I had come to cherish the genuine, friendly attitude I encountered from many a stranger. In fact, calling them strangers seems wrong in a way, for there was nothing […]

After a restless night at Cojo I awoke with one of the worst headaches I have ever experienced. One of the things both Emily and I forgot to do while sailing all night and day was to properly hydrate. And now, we were both paying the price. My headache was so bad it left me […]

It’s been a while since our last post. We took our sweet time leaving Morro Bay, where the people are unbelievably hospitable, the anchorage calm (disregarding my own stupidity), and the rock and power plant mesmerizing. But, as I am finding to be the central paradox inherint to travel, we must press on. And press […]

Waiting for good weather in Morro bay still. Gale warning through most of this week, so no go on Point Conception (yes, yes, the cape horn of the pacific…) After spending most of yesterday giving Padelesha a much needed scrub (and chatting with Morgan, who is preparing his Kettenburg 43 for a passage to Hawaii) […]

Monterey: Carmel:

Having completed the biggest passage on this trip, I am both relieved and a tiny bit excited. Relieved that the 110 mile jump is done and that I can now relax for a bit; excited because during the mere 22 hours it took Connor and I to sail from Still Water Cove to Morro Bay […]

Our sail from Monterey to Carmel was supposed to be tame, short, a nothing sail compared to the last couple. Two, three hours, we expected. We left in no hurry. I even had a tuna melt at a local pub, The Crown and Anchor. I had a bit of a headache on casting off but, […]